Schlern Refuge

3 weeks in Southern Tyrol


3 days in Lechtaler Alpen/Tyrol

Weststrand Darss

Baltic Sea – Darß

Cologne by night

Finish Coaching & Travelling Tour 2020

Bozen by night

Dealing with the unexpected

About me

I love travelling! I love photography! I love spending time in nature! I love being a life & business coach! So, I thought: Why not combine these passions?

Since my early childhood I was used to travel with a camper to foreign countries, so it was natural step for me to have my own van and live as close as possible within nature .
I enjoyed a lot reading travel blogs from others, so I started to think: Why not share my experiences and visual impressions with friends around the globe and also with anyone else interested.
Here we are. Enjoy :-)
Jörg Kirschbaum

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