Weststrand Darss

Baltic Sea – Darß

The first time for me at the baltic sea on the german side of the coast. I almost didn’t reach there. On the last 20km before reaching my destination the fourth gear of my van got stuck. I could manage to release it and arrived at the camping with only three gears, but that wouldn’t be enough for the upcoming next 2000km of my trip so I had to find a...

Cologne by night

Finish Coaching & Travelling Tour 2020

After three months and 5.050 km I have returned to Cologne. An unforgettable experience lies behind me. Enthusiastic, wonderful, breath-taking moments. Many heart-warming encounters with beautiful people that passed my way in five countries. Also desperate moments with a lot of uncertainty and being thrown vastly out of my comfort-zone. An inner journey took place in...



The start of my Travelling & Coaching tour 2020: Sonthofen and surroundings in Allgäu, Bavaria.

Geis-Alp See – actually quite cold…

Geis-Alp See


Waterfalls at Reichenbach

Alpe Scheidwang


Rabbits along the way to Geis-Alp

Hochgrat (not so narrow)