Cres – Kurila Beach

I was a little bit disappointed by Croatia. Having to lie on stoney, crowded beaches all the time was not what I was looking for. That changed when I discovered Kurila Beach. It is a little tricky to find. Basically I drove into an area of dozens of washed-out narrow roads with no signs at all. Thanks to the helpful assistence of a farmer I could find my way after an hour of driving around.

I was the first to arrive at the spot and the view was spectacular! Crystal clear waters, interesting rock formations and a lot of small fishes. Immediately you want to throw away all your clothes and get into the green-blue fresh waters . And thats what I did.

Ok, later others joined via boat – but there was still plenty of space to find your own corner.

On a side-note: That was the morning when the whole mess with the broken driving shaft of my van started. The noise was already frightening when I entered the vacated area, but I was still in good hope that I will vanish by itself…

Cres - Kurila Beach
Cres – Kurila Beach