Lac de Nino

Lac de Nino

One of my favourite places: Le Lac de Nino. I have been there already four times, because it is magic. Wild Horses peacefully graze by the lake and eagle families are circling in the air. The trek was quite exhausting this time since I decided to avoid the annoying pebble field and went...


By the sea – Corsica

The waves were quite high on the first days after my arrival in the northern part of Corsica. That was brilliant for surfers, but snorkeling needed to wait a few dyas until the water cleared up. I spent most of my time there relaxing at the beach and one very nice evening in Saint-Florent...

sunset at east coast

Arriving in Corsica

After two weeks in Slovenia and two days of heavy thunderstorms with little sleep I was wondering where to spent the last four weeks of my journey. Having seen so many new places I decided to come back to a place I know well, where I would feel quickly at home and so giving more space for...

Soca falling down

Turquoise source of Soča

The source of Soča river can only be reached after some climbing exercises (secured with pre-installed ropes). I think the challenging approach is a major part of the whole experience. Being happy that you made it you’ll discover pure magic. Soca Source high above Trenta...

soca river big basin

Soča river

Wonderful hike along the Soča river in Trigev national parc from Trenta to the big basin south of Soča village.

Soča river

Soča river colour

soca river big basin

Grasshopper likes to hike