Baltic Sea & Southern Tyrol Tour 2021

Coaching & Travelling Tour to Baltic Sea and South Tyrol 2021

Schlern Refuge

3 weeks in Southern Tyrol

After the short time in Austria I went further southwards to escape the rain and arrived in Southern Tyrol. Many hikes, relaxing at the lake, a lot of sun, my first paragliding experience, nice encounters. In short: Three weeks of beauty without words. Sunset View from Grasleitnhütte Conversation at 3000m, Piz Boé Lakes of Montiggl Magical Salten / Jenesien Before...

Weststrand Darss

Baltic Sea – Darß

The first time for me at the baltic sea on the german side of the coast. I almost didn’t reach there. On the last 20km before reaching my destination the fourth gear of my van got stuck. I could manage to release it and arrived at the camping with only three gears, but that wouldn’t be enough for the upcoming next 2000km of my trip so I had to find a...