Southern Europe Tour 2020

Coaching & Travelling Tour in Southern Europe 2020

van in the air

Things that needed repair

I am driving a 36 year old Volkswagen T3, so one can not expect that the car will not run smoothly all the time going up the alpes and driving around with 32 degrees in southern europe. I had my lessons already on previous tours, so I thought I will replace tyres and the bumper proactively before the trip. I must say now: the lesson continued… On the three...

Cres – Kurila Beach

I was a little bit disappointed by Croatia. Having to lie on stoney, crowded beaches all the time was not what I was looking for. That changed when I discovered Kurila Beach. It is a little tricky to find. Basically I drove into an area of dozens of washed-out narrow roads with no signs at all. Thanks to the helpful assistence of a farmer I could find my way after an...

Kalterer See with flowers

Dolomite Alps

I truly love south tirol/Südtirol/Alto Aldige! I think I am there at least once a year. Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn. Every time of the year you’ll find something to enjoy and explore. This time I was focused on trekking in the Dolomite Alps. Especially the shimmering greens and magic atmosphere of the “Kalterer See” lake / Lago di Caldera was a...



The start of my Travelling & Coaching tour 2020: Sonthofen and surroundings in Allgäu, Bavaria.

Geis-Alp See – actually quite cold…

Geis-Alp See


Waterfalls at Reichenbach

Alpe Scheidwang


Rabbits along the way to Geis-Alp

Hochgrat (not so narrow)