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My van

Everything about the van

my van

My van

May I introduce “Sue”: My vehicle, my kitchen, my bedroom, my wardrobe, my project…my home. The car is a Volkswagen T3 with original Westfalia Joker interior, built in 1984, 77 PS, gasoline – which allows me to climb the steepest slopes … slowly of course 🙂 At Camping Baldarin – Cres My workplace / living room / kitchen Parking lot...

van in the air

Things that needed repair

I am driving a 36 year old Volkswagen T3, so one can not expect that the car will not run smoothly all the time going up the alpes and driving around with 32 degrees in southern europe. I had my lessons already on previous tours, so I thought I will replace tyres and the bumper proactively before the trip. I must say now: the lesson continued… On the three...